Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dying and Drying Mohair Locks

New ETSY Store


It has been a long time since I was able to post here. I forgot the password and the way to sign in! I get overwelmed with all the passwords and sign in procedures all over the place. Now I have decided to keep a log of all the different places and the passwords. Better late than never.

Making Cormo Batts
I posted a few photos of me making batts in our farm fiber shop. I LOVE batts! They feel just like a nice soft cloud. Have you tried them. I like to make hats using the batts. It makes it easy to drape over the plastic hat form that Carol sells.


Anyway we now have an ETSY store I hope it brings our fibers to more people and it allows people to use PayPal.

Breeding Season

Things here on the farm are moving right along with the breeding season starting October 1st. That way we will have spring lambs and not wintyer lambs. It takes 5 months gestation. After we put the ram in his group of ewes it usually takes about two weeks for the ewes to come into season. So that means our first lambs should start arriving in March and keep right on coming through April. I want to be finished lambing so I can go to Maryland in 2010.

2010 Fleece Sales

Remember to make sure you are on our advanced notification list for 2010 fleece. We shear in late February.