Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dyeing Mohair Locks

Today is my day to dye Mohair Locks. I am starting out with a rich teal color. Mohair is always very exciting to dye because the color grabs fast and deep when the wet Mohair is plunged into the dye pot. I love the jewel like results of dyeing Mohair. Who would think that a goat, of all things, would produce such a great fiber art product! I have to get my son to put up photos on this blog. I don't kinow how. I can't seem to retain all the different web sight rules and procedures. Thank goodness I have Leonard to help. You can see my other colors of Mohair locks on our website. http://www.applerose.com

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breeding Time At Apple Rose Farm

Today we are placing the various breeding groups in the pastures. After carefully reviewing the genetic history of each ewe she is placed with the ram that is as distant as possible to her genetic line. That means that we do not inbread or line breed. As you probabloy already know both the Cormo Sheep and the California Red Sheep are few in number in the United States. Therefore, it is very important to carefully preserve the blood lines.

This year we are using three California Red stud rams and two Cormo stud rams. It gets complicated when we have to devote 5 pastures to the breeding groups. We still need pastures for our retired ewes and the ewes too your not breed plue more pastures for the stud rams that are not selected for breeding studs this year.

This is a critical time to make sure the ewes actually breed the ram they are with and not some other ram. The problem is that we cannot have any unbred ewes near rams in another pasture. Sometimes the ewes will call to another ram and cause him to break through the fence in his pasture and come crashing through the fence in the ewe's pasture to answer her call. Meanwhile when the two rams get in the same pasture all heck brecks out as the two boys fight over the ewes. Nature tries to take it's course with "natural selection". The stronger of the rams gets to breed and the weaker ram gets killed or driven off. I'll be glad when the ewes are all bred and the boys go back to living with the rams.

When the breeding time of about 6 weeks is over the ewes go back to living with the other ewes and the rams go back to living with their ram group. The gestation time is about 5 months. We expect lambs in March and early April 2011.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Have you seen our wonderful Cormo Top?

We have beautiful fresh Cormo Top from our sheared fleece 2/25/10. Be sure to check it out on our web site http://www.applerose.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

20 New Colors of M ohair Roving

20 New Colors of Mohair Roving

We just got back our new Mohair Roving. It is very interesting because it is the first time I dyed using softer less bright colors . All of the various colors blend with each other and form a wonderful wearable palette. I can't wait to start making Mohair Batts. Watch our web site for these new colors http://www.applerose.com/ I may also post some for sale on ETSY but you can always buy from the farm web site. Contact me if you need information or something special.


I'm Back From The RHS Chelsea Flower Show

I have always wanted to see the much admired Chelsea Flower Show in London and I got to go this month. I also went to see Great Dixter Gardens, the gardens of Christopher Lloyd and Sissinghurst, the gardes of Vita Sackville-West. If you are gardeners you will know the signifance of these world famous gardens.

My favorite was Great Dixter. You can't believe the way that man has planted layers of plants. Yes, Layers! He has early blooms and right throught them come June flowers and next in the same spot, without removing anything at all come the summer blooms and next the fall things. I just can't believe the number of plants that can grow in the same space when planted at different levels underground. This I am going to try in my English Cottage Garden. I have to do some research into Christopher Lloyds literature on gardening. I will try to post photos of my garden as it develops.

Sheep Yes, I visited some sheep breeders also. I saw hundreds of sheep in gently rolling pastures in the Kent area. Great animals! Still like my Cormos and California Reds better.



Lambing 2010 Is Completed

We completed out 11 year of lambing in early May. There are now about 25 beautiful lambs running around in the pasture with our Guard Llama. These Cormos and California Reds are waiting to be bought by new owners. If you are interested please contact me at mail@applerose.com